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About SGO Support?

The About page is the first page people turn to because they want to know what is your expertise and what authority you have.

What You Will Find Here 

I have worked with Special Guardians and Family and Friends carers, over the past ten years, as a social worker, which is what has prompted me to start SGOSupport.co.uk and its sister site, SGOInfo.co.uk.

I have found such a lack in the resources and information available for Special Guardians pre and post-order.

One minute everyone is in your life wanting to know everything about you and your family and the next minute you are left alone to care for a child, who often has experienced some level of trauma in their life.

sgo support
sgo support

Many Special Guardians can feel very isolated at this stage.  This site aims to bring together resources and information to support Special Guardians on this journey.

I am aware of the complexity of the processes that prospective special guardians are subject to and what is expected of them in often difficult circumstances.

Their lives are changed almost overnight and they are literally left holding the baby.

SGO Support aims to bring Special Guardianship Information for SGO carers to one home.

What are the aims of SGO Support? 

SGO Support’s aim is to bring together the support and resources that are available for Special Guardians into one place.

There is a lot of support for foster carers and adopters but when you say, you are a Special Guardianship carer, you may be met with a blank stare.

Maybe even a question asking you to explain what Special Guardianship means.

I hope that you will find what you are looking for on this site, if not then drop us a line and let us know so this can be added.

It is with this in mind that  www.SGOSupport.co.uk, has been set up.

Welcome to Special Guardianship Support –  a one-stop home to provide information for Special Guardians all over the UK. 


That is Why SGO Support Started

Becoming an SGO carer can be a lonely process and often you cannot turn to those closest to you for advice and support when you need it most.

SGO Support believes that every family should be given choice when decisions are being made about a child/ren in their family. 

Special Guardianship carers should be provided with the information they need to make the choice that is right for the child and right for their family.

SGO Support believes that Special Guardianship support services should be available nationally and that every family should receive support and access to resources when caring for children under Special Guardianship Order.

SGO Support believes that there should be a range of resources and information available to family members going through this process and that this information should be easily accessible and affordable.


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