Special Guardianship Housing Information




Housing is a complex area and one that often has no easy or quick solution.

Housing issues are one of the most common problems that can arise for prospective Special Guardianship carers.

Taking on the caring responsibilities of a related child may cause your housing needs to change. For example, your home may become overcrowded, less affordable or unsuitable in some other way.

Where Can Special Guardians Get Support With Housing

It is worth knowing that government guidance to local authorities on family and friends care, states that housing authorities and registered social landlords, should have policies that recognise the role performed by family and friends carers.

It also indicates that those living in social housing should be given appropriate priority to move to more suitable accommodation if this will prevent the need for a child to become looked after.

Will Special Guardians have any priority to housing?

Special Guardians would fall under this policy, and therefore may be entitled to priority access to social housing, this will depend on your individual Local Authorities housing policy.

There is no automatic right to housing and you would need to go onto the list and wait till suitable sized property became available.

What Else Can Special Guardians do about their housing?

You would need to make enquiries with the Housing Department in your local authority to establish what the policy is.

You can also ask your assessing social worker to write a letter of support confirming the circumstances of your assessment to help your case in accessing suitable housing.

You can also refer to the government  Allocation of Accommodation guidance when making a case for priority housing as a Special Guardian.

Kinship.org  also have a housing guide which gives further advice with regard to council or housing association tenant, private renting, mortgage owned, rent arrears

There are several charities who offer specialist housing advice service, who can also offer you further information with regard to your housing situation.


Offer independent housing advice and information. They also run a free national advice line and can also give advice on local services.

Advice line: 0808 800 4444 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Weekends 8am-5pm
Website: shelter.org.uk/get_advice

Citizens Advice

Online help from Citizens Advice and details of your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau.

Website: citizensadvice.org.uk


Managing Contact

Contact is an area of huge concern for Special Guardianship carers, find out more about managing contact

Support Groups

Support Groups are the chance to meet others in a similar position, share ideas and information in a safe place.